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Visiting Vegas!

Things to do in Vegas

We all have heard about Vegas, the city of wild entertainment. Although the city itself is not your ideal family vacation, especially if you have young kids, there is so much to do for everyone. Don’t just gamble and stay on the strip, go to museums, explore downtown Vegas, take a tour to Grand Canyon, go ride a sun buggy etc.


Transportation in Vegas

John and I stayed at the Stratosphere hotel when we went to Vegas last summer. The hotel is at the end of the strip so we had to walk a lot. If you don’t want to walk, you can take the RTC Transit, but where is the fun in that, heh? The Duce, the Strip and the Downtown Express (SDX) is probably one of the cheapest ways to move around the Strip and downtown Vegas. $8 will get you a 24 hour bus pass. Travelling from Canada, I found the taxis so expensive. A ride from the airport to our hotel cost $50. Within Vegas, taking Taxis can cost anywhere from $10 depending on where you are going. With the current exchange rates, you don’t want to take taxis everywhere.



Well well well if you are a foddie like me, you will be a happy soul in Vegas. I think American restaurants serve bigger food portions with some treats that we don’t have in Canada. The food prices are almost the same. A typical breakfast at hotels cost around $10 per person. Lunch and dinner range from $15 to $30 depending on where you eat. Of course, if you are looking for a three course meal, with a bottle of wine, it will cost you well more than that. You probably have heard that it’s legal to drink outside throughout Las Vegas, so take advantage of that. Grab yourself a can of beer while exploring the Strip.


Beyond the Strip

The Mob Museum

This museum is like no other. You will learn so much about Vegas’s organized crime and law enforcement. The museum provides history of organized crime in US, from the birth of the Mob, to recent events.


Grand Canyon

There are tour buses from Vegas to Grand Canyon. Although the tour may take the whole day, it is definitely worth it. Some of the tour buses stop at the Hoover Dam, definitely something to consider when booking a tour ($85 to $120).


Other things to do in Vegas

If you can, do a helicopter tour on the strip. It was expensive but it was definitely the highlight of our visit ($125 per person and up).


Ride a Sun Buggy


Watch the Bellagio Fountain Show

Go up the Eiffel Tower


Watch Vegas from the Stratosphere Tower (the tallest freestanding observation tower in the US)


Ride the High Roller (this is the world’s largest observation wheel – You
will get some of the best views of Vegas, especially at sunset)


Otherwise do what everyone else does in Vegas, drink, gamble, shop, go a little crazy and learn something new.


  • Choose the right time to go to Vegas (You don’t want to go in summer, Vegas heat is unreal)
  • Consider going to Vegas on a weekday (most people go to Vegas on weekends for quick visits, going on a weekday will save you tons of money on both flights and hotels)
  • Don’t use your Canadian Credit Card too often
  • Finally, don’t pack too many clothes, you won’t need them!

Getting to Vegas from Edmonton/Vancouver

Westjet always has amazing deals to Vegas. I would recommend checking their last minute deals for better savings. Also, check pages like YEG Deals http://www.yegdeals.com/ and Next Departure http://nextdeparture.ca/.

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