Banff, Canada

Five Things to See in Banff

Our Beautiful Banff

I wasn’t sure if I should do a post on Banff, it feels like most of my readers already know so much about this place buy hey, I got some fans that have never been to Alberta (Lol I actually call them fans **sigh**). Anyways, I decided to do a short post. That being said, I think you can never run out of things to do in Banff. If you don’t feel like hiking, there is still so much you can do and some hikes are not really that bad.


The Town of Banff

Banff is located about 130 km west of Calgary, along the Trans-Canada highway. It takes about 4hrs 15 min to drive from Edmonton to Banff. That is if you don’t take any breaks in Red Deer and Calgary (I would allocate 5 hrs for a one way drive).


1. Cave and Basin National Historic Site

This is one of the easiest sites to see in Banff. It is only a 5 min walk from the nearby parking lot. The cave was discovered in 1883 by three railway workers. This event led to the establishment of Banff National Park in 1885. Visit this underground cave to learn so much about Canada’s national parks and historic sites.

Fun Fact: Banff National Park is the oldest national park in Canada.


Inside the cave

2. Johnston Canyon

Trail to lower falls: Approx. 1 km

Trail to upper falls: Approx. 2.6 km

There are a couple viewpoints all along the trail, get your camera ready before you start the hike. It took us about 25 min to get to the lower falls and another 35 to 40 min to the upper falls. It could take less or more time depending on how fast you are walking and how often you are stopping.

Tip: The Johnston Canyon Trail is usually very busy. If you can, go on a weekday or early morning.

Lower Falls


This is a glacier fed lake located just 15 km west of Lake Louise. Oh man this lake is beautiful. The views you get from here are so unreal. As a plus, the lake is surrounded by the Valley of Ten Peaks (the area in Banff with ten noticeable peaks). I am not sure what color the water is, it has that blue greenish color that’s hard to describe. Join tons of tourists that visit this area every year and appreciate this magnificent natural beauty.

Fun Fact: Moraine Lake was featured on the back of the Canadian twenty dollar bill in 1969. The view from the lake is also known as the ‘twenty dollar view’.


This is another lake you should definitely check out if you are in the Banff area. It is about a 35 min drive from Lake Louise. You will get a magnificent view of Peyto Lake from the Bow Valley Summit (about a 10 min walk from the general parking lot or a 2 min walk from the bus/accessible parking lot).

Fun Fact: Peyto Lake has the bluest water in Canada and is usually in the top ten of the world’s bluest waters.



5. Lake Louise

Located about 58 km from Banff, Lake Louise is one of the most photographed places in Canada. Take a short drive from Banff and visit this lake as seen on calendars and magazines.


2 thoughts on “Five Things to See in Banff”

  1. I do wonder, on a scale of 1-10, how packed are the above-mentioned destinations?
    Also, since I did not find a way to comment on the “About” page: It would be interesting to read about your experiences in the African countries in case that is something you would want to share with the public.


    1. Hi, thanks for reading my blog posts. Moraine Lake and Johnson Canyon are usually the busiest, on a scale of 1-10 I would say 9 in summer and 4 in winter. The other lakes are not that busy. But it all depends on what time you go.

      I will be sharing my experiences in Africa in the near future, I am working on getting my photos together 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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