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Five Reasons You Should Explore Canada (or your country) Before Heading Abroad

Let me start by saying Canada is so beautiful. Seriously, I wish I could do a coast to coast road trip and that wouldn’t even be enough. I need a lifetime to explore this country. There are so many adventures in our own backyard and they shouldn’t go unnoticed, especially by Canadians. I would say every major Canadian city is close to some of the best things to do in Canada. So why not explore this beautiful land? Same thing goes for other countries, start by visiting your own country and you will thank me later, I promise 🙂

Parliament Building – Ottawa, Ontario


1. It is cheaper

It is cheaper to travel in your own country, well most of the times. You will be using the same currency throughout your travels. With the current exchange rates, travelling local will save you big bucks. Also, you are likely to have family and friends all over your country. Make a plan to stay with them while you travel. Not only are you going to spend time with them on your adventures, they will also provide accommodation for you **smart, heh?**. You can also save on transportation. Instead of flying you can always drive or take a local bus. Depending on where you want to go, find a cheap way to get there with the time you have.

Edmonton River Valley – Edmonton, Alberta

2. Adventures Are Everywhere

Take Edmonton for example. Although you might get bored doing the same things over and over again within the city, there is so much you can do a few hours away (e.g National Parks – Banff, Jasper, Glacier, Waterton, UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Dinosaur Provincial Park). You really don’t need to leave Alberta to see natural beauty. If you want to go to a beautiful beach and relax, you can always head to British Columbia. Unfortunately, I will be the first to admit Edmonton doesn’t have a nice and clean beach and you need to go to a different province/city if you really want to spend time at one. Depending on how far you are willing to go, some of Canada’s top sights include Niagara Falls – Niagara Falls, ONT (thought to be one of the natural wonders of the world), CN Tower – Toronto, ONT, Banff National Park – Banff, AB (my favorite), Jasper National Park – Jasper, AB, Royal BC Museum – Victoria, BC, Old Montreal – Montreal, QC, etc. I think for almost everything you go abroad for, there is its equivalent in Canada. Not including top international sites of course.

3. You Will Learn so Much about Your Own History

It is safe to say you learn so much when you travel. In fact, I feel like the best part about travelling is getting fascinated by how much you find out about your destinations (people, food, history, culture etc.). Little things like visiting the Revelation Museum in Cuba and finding out it still has the original furniture leave me all wondering and appreciating history. Canada is a multicultural country and trust me, there is so much to learn about this land, be the history of Canadians, war, nature, etc. you are in for a history lesson. So go out there and learn something about Canada, ANYTHING.

4. You Will Relate to Fellow Canadians Even More

Okay by default, we Canadians have a few things in common. Lol not just the ‘Eh’ and ‘sorry’ that the whole world thinks we use a lot. We love our country and respect each other and embrace our differences (for the most part). **Oh man I feel like this has turned into a political post. But anyways, you get it. Exploring Canada, meeting new people and learning so much about this country will even make you appreciate what makes us all wonderful Canadians. Things just make sense and you start to relate to fellow Canadians even more.

Lake Louise – Alberta


5. You Have Stories to Share about Canada

I don’t travel a lot but when I do, I get people asking me all sorts of questions about Canada. ‘So where are you from?’, ‘Have you been to Niagara Falls?’, ‘How cold is Canada right now?’ Really random questions like those. Let me tell you something, you don’t wanna be the Canadian abroad who knows so little about Canada. I will be the first to admit that Canada is a big country and like I said before you will probably need forever to visit most of this country, but hey at least start with major Canadian cities and break your Caribbean travel routine.




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